Compelling content…

…can come in the form of a shout or a whisper. What it absolutely must do is talk sense in an attractive tone of voice to its intended audience.

We’ve fashioned words for all kinds of projects: biographies for barristers, a history of bourbon whiskey, countless reports and presentations, successful award entries; not to mention advertisements, brochures, POS and direct mail pieces. Whether creating powerful content for websites, or hunting down the bon mot for an ad, we generate our job satisfaction by producing copy that people want to read. Bad writing depresses us.

Good copy undoubtedly makes a difference. In the same way that a boring voice won’t hold your attention, it’s almost impossible to focus on and retain information that is badly presented. The key is to give your readers the impression they are being spoken to by someone they find interesting. We’ll take your raw material – a presentation, report, scribbled notes, last year’s version, you name it – and do our utmost to transform it into beguiling content. Below, you’ll find three very random samples of our output, but don’t pay too much attention: every project has its own challenges and outcomes.