Clear stats

Understand the data, communicate it clearly…
Simplicity and clarity – two keys to an effective infographic. If you’ve got a mass of data to communicate – a research report, for example – a good infographic will do more to get the message across than boring old bar charts and words alone.

We understand data – we’ve worked in and around market research and sales for decades, so we know what the figures mean and what you can (and shouldn’t) do with them. We like maps too.


GlobalTGI-productbook-layersTGI’s ‘What the World Thinks’ report: a fascinating 60-page analysis of lifestyle attitudes in more than 50 countries around the globe. This called for clear and accessible presentation. We’ve worked with TGI data for many years, as both client and consultant, and this was a perfect opportunity to combine our skills and experience to good effect. The final report is a downloadable PDF with integrated page navigation and external links, and you can find it here on the WPP website.


cool_uncool_4Cool/Uncool graphics – illustrating statistcs that show the current most/least popular characters among different youth audiences.



TGI-TOPLINE-Dec14_3-web Web and print-friendly A4 data summary focusing on social media in different countries around the world.


H&N_concertina_all-v2-spread-1Concertina format presentation leave-behind in slipcase.



Acacia-atlas-pagesAcacia Atlas of African bandwidth and networking expansion. We provided all layout, typography and production management services. See the complete publication here.




A 28-page A5 booklet to promote a new report into global patterns of digital media takeup.


Clickstream_montageAn A4 card to showcase TGI’s Clickstream that links web viewing patterns with product/brand data. Web addresses monitored are configured to create a ‘stream’ down the front page.