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Customer magazines and newsletters are a great way to get an audience excited about your latest developments. Print used to be the only way; now emails are often used to get stories out as they make instant and direct contact, and of course they provide valuable response metrics. However, they often lack the design production flexibility to underscore an organisation’s brand values in the most positive way. One way of overcoming this is to create a well-designed and written bulletin which is hosted on the client’s website and promoted using email campaigns.


Dispatches-layersDispatches is a newsletter produced for Global TGI. We’re now up to our 22nd issue and it is circulated to some 60 partner organisations around the world. It’s a very successful design that reflects the organisation’s branding and values, while retaining strong independence in its own right. Infographics and data visuals are presented in a contemporary style, while taking into account the needs of its cosmopolitan and multicultural readership. Dispatches is produced as an interactive PDF, promoted on internal email bulletins and made available to partners as a download.

Onepoint1 has produced hundreds of issues of newsletters. All take advantage of our combined editorial and graphics capability – alongside experienced print expertise for rapid turnaround and quality output.